The Village Chapel identity system was a little different than most. They not only needed a solid yet versatile logo, they needed a supporting system for different ministries. Collide worked together with the church Curate, Kim Thomas, to find a solution that was new and fresh while staying rooted with the church vision. The result involves a simple icon which can shift color and texture depending on how and when it is being used, while maintaining recognizability, and ministry divisions that are united as part of the whole, and yet each have their own distinct personality through the use of color. The system, along with in-depth usage guidelines, allows for the addition of future ministries – a necessary factor for a rapidly growing church. The Village Chapel’s weekly bulletins are an ever-changing array of information about events, missions, and ministry opportunities within the church. Anchored by the new identity system introduced in late 2011, the cover of the bulletin changes from season-to-season via different interpretations of the logo, as shown in these examples.
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