Digital Interactive

Technology is changing every day and we strive to keep on top of the newest in web design, mobile-optimized experierences, social media promotions, apps, or whatever might appear on the horizon next. Living in the digital world is so important and have an online presence complete with social media is even more important for your business.

Your brand’s face to the world should be centered around your website, as a hub for your audience to connect with you, and for you to connect to them. It should integrate with social media in the most appropriate means to reach your audience. We leverage our experience with brand strategy and design to reach out and build your audience online.

We can help you plan your strategy, hone your brand, build your site or app, keep up with social media and make sure that you are consistent throughout whatever medium you choose. Together with the ability to build the technology, we integrate our diverse expertise to effectively convey your message to the world, with complete communication solutions.

In addition to his interactive work at Collide, our Creative Director, Kevin Tucker, has brought additional experience to the table leading teams creating interactive experiences for museums, corporate tradeshows and exhibits, and public spaces through his work leading Creative & UX teams prior to his current role at Collide.

See examples of Collide’s interactive work here.

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