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Safe Haven Family Shelter: Brand Identity Package


What We Did:



The new brand identity for Safe Haven is designed to enable continued growth, enhance consistency, & help expand the reach & reputation of the organization. 

Safe Haven is a leader, both in our community and beyond, in serving families experiencing homelessness, and in pioneering solutions to equip each family they serve to move forward toward the attainable dream of home and self-sufficiency, with housing as a central component. The new brand will appeal to four key audiences — clients, volunteers, donors, and the City of Nashville as a whole — and should support motivating clients to participate with assurance of a strong potential for success; volunteers and donors to make contributions that they confidently feel makes a true difference; and for the City at large to feel that supporting it helps make Nashville and Middle Tennessee a better place to live for everyone.

The brand seeks to draw one toward compassion and a sense of inclusiveness, evoking a feeling of hope in the attainability of the vision & the tangible difference they can make both in individual famllies’ lives and as a piece of the community united around Safe Haven’s mission.


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