Selected Work:

Pepsi Artist Series: Big & Rich Can Design




Working with Pepsi Co. to create these special artist themed cans for their artist series was a great opportunity. Pepsi chose an artist from 3 major genres (along with Big & Rich, All Star Rejects and Pharrell Williams also had can designs as part of the series). We sought to appeal to Millennial generation by creating a can whose featured artist would need to be “discovered” in the design. As you can see, the design doesn’t exactly scream Big & Rich – unless you know them. By including key elements such as their silhouettes – note their distinctive profiles and hats, the signature “swirl” element that has appeared on several projects since their first album, along with silhouetted instruments, an icon representing Big Kenny’s hat, and the phrase “Love Everybody” – any fan of Big & Rich would recognize what it represents, and along with other curious Pepsi drinkers, would be drawn to follow up on a special URL included on the can to find out more. These were available for a short time all over the world.

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