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We have a long history with country hitmakers Big & Rich, and were thrilled to get the chance to work on another project with them. On their new album, Hillbilly Jedi, they step things up a notch or three with a diverse array of songs, including the first track, “Born Again” which features Bon Jovi in a key role, both in co-writing and performing on the song. Word on the street is that Jon Bon Jovi himself suggested calling the album “Hillbilly Jedi,” and when everyone at the label (and us!) suggested that would be a legal problem, Jon personally called George Lucas to get clearance on using the word “Jedi.”

The creative process revolved around the attitude and contradiction in the title, and the result is cowboys-in-space with shades of steampunk. With some heavy-handed photo manipulation, film-credits-inspired type treatments, and a healthy dose of caffeine, we assembled the key images from the shoot combined with images from several other sources (including NASA) and developed the brand for the album, along with the physical packaging and digital album elements, to create what we think is the only country album of its type for some time to come :)

The album is available via Warner Music, iTunes, or Amazon, among other retailers.


The following is an excerpt from a guest blog post by Collide’s Kevin Tucker, on The Music Gardener, a blog by Keith Stancil of Artist Garden Entertainment.

Every successful artist has found a way into the hearts and minds of those who support them. One of the major keys to engaging fans in a way that develops their loyalty, even devotion, over the course of the artist’s career. There are a lot of ingredients to the recipe for that kind of success, but a large portion of it boils down to branding. I know, you’ve heard people talk about branding so much in the music industry that it seems like it’s this nebulous, all-encompassing buzzword devoid of any definition. Does it even mean anything anymore? I’m here to tell you that it still means… everything.

But let’s set music aside for a moment. Think about your favorite consumer products or services. What makes you loyal to them? It’s likely a combination of factors, largely the promise of quality in what they offer, and the consistency in which they deliver on that promise, but there’s likely an intangible quality about the brand that you inherently connect to on an emotional level. Somehow what that brand stands for just “clicks” for you, and you sing their praises to all of your friends, even defending them to those who would criticize it. This kinship and loyalty didn’t develop through haphazard circumstance, and to accomplish that for any brand requires a great deal of expertise working together in a concerted, purposeful effort.

A brand is quite simply a reputation, and the experts in the industry who work under the umbrella of branding are those who play a part in the development and management of that reputation. That’s a big job… so it’s no wonder that the word is so prevalent. It encompasses many aspects of industry expertise in any industry, and for music it includes many fields including artist development, management, marketing, public relations, image development, photography, and design. The latter three areas are where the root of my personal expertise lies, but more on that later on. Branding requires a centralized effort in which everyone involved shares in the common goals. This is crucial for an artist’s initial launch, but it’s equally important throughout the process of promoting the artist and project. All of these areas combine to build stories around the brand and create an ongoing narrative that connects people to this brand/reputation. (As another example see Keith’s post about Nashville’s boutique jeans makers Imogene + Willie)

For the music industry, the longer-term effort is career-level brand-buildling; but the boots on the ground are typically working on one project at a time (typically an album or a tour), and usually each project has its own unique brand aspects which, though they relate to the long-term branding effort, are part of that project’s unique identity.

There are many artists out there who have leveraged branding well throughout their careers…

View the full article on The Music Gardener

Contributions: Design, Art Direction, Copy

The Hermitage: Home of President Andrew Jackson, is now offering multimedia tours on property, so they contacted us to create an invitation and table tent for their launch party, that combined both technology and history. Our idea is that the technology brings the history to life. If you’ve not taken The Hermitage tour, Collide’s own tourist extraordinaire, Wandering Uncle Clyde says it’s a must see. Go check it out!

Contribution: Design, Email Marketing

Near and dear to our hearts, the Coalition for Healthy Aging, needed a campaign for their new Anchors Group, whose goal is helping seniors age comfortably in their own homes by providing services normally prohibitively expensive. They needed a way to capture the attention of volunteers, so we sat down with the program’s director, Ladawna Parham, and put our heads together to come up with this campaign. Seniors have so many stories to tell and by spending just a few hours a day with them, you not only help them but learn stories and wisdom first hand. You become part of their journey.


Contribution: Design, Copywriting

What is Barcamp? Well only the free-est “unconference” this side of well, the moon (or at least that life-sized Elvis statue down on Broadway, you know the one). It’s a technology-based conglomeration of seminars and networking opportunities, featuring together some of the smartest and most creative minds in the city. Even if you aren’t big on learning, it’s kind of fun too. Oh and did I mention swag? : )

Barcamp Nashville logoIf you’ve never been to Barcamp, this is the year to go! Why, you ask? Because we’ll be there and with a seminar title like Dumpster Diving As Creative Strategy,” how can you resist!? Our session was added after the initial registration so if you’ve checked out the sessions already and don’t remember it, it’s because it wasn’t there!  Below is a preview of what you should expect to be “hauled out of the trash”:

Successful creative frequently involves out-of-the-box thinking… but sometimes it’s worth considering what’s IN the box… that big metal one in the alley. Ok, the dumpster here is (mostly) metaphorical… what I’m really talking about is drawing resources and inspiration from cultural relics, shared history, and working within limitations to create impactful, on-brand communications that connect to the audience in meaningful, lasting ways.

With a heavy focus on brand strategy, we will walk through some examples of projects where this approach was successfully applied, and the “dumpster diving” methodology for taking fragments of culture from the past was utilized by reshaping them for impactful, engaging visual communication.

We’ll talk about how to:

• Utilize vintage source material directly in creative projects (and what legal limitations you’ll need to keep in mind)

• Use examples of found relics of classic culture as inspiration, even in unexpected contexts

• Create compelling deliverables by best using available source materials (even if poor quality) in successful ways

• Seek out unexpected sources of inspiration and resources

• Maintain brand messaging, goals, and objectives while engaging the audience emotionally

Examples cited will include identity, print, interactive, video, and motion projects for clients such as Big & Rich, Willie Nelson, Pepsi, Larry the Cable Guy, Austin Peay State University, The Village Chapel, AIGA, Ringling Bros. Circus, Re-Maginations, ThunkTV, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, and more. Also, in the process, we’ll see a rare peek inside the process and production, and pull out some examples from our stockpile of obscure books and relics that are waiting to be utilized for future projects.

Online registration ends Tuesday, Oct. 16. (After that, you can sign up for sessions when you arrive, if seats are still available). Find us in the Poker room at 9am!

BarCamp Nashville 2012 will be held at Tequila Cowboy (formerly Cadillac Ranch), 305 Broadway, in downtown Nashville, near the corner with 3rd Avenue South.


And while you’re at it, check out Re-maginations: New World Storytelling-Using Transmedia to Create Your Tribe @ 2:25 in WannaB’s #bcn12story


During the Nashville flood of 2010, there was an overwhelming movement among the community to help each other recover from the disaster. In addition to the hard-working individuals who helped with the clean-up and re-building, many area creatives came together to create posters, t-shirts and various other products to generate funds to revitalize Nashville from the damage that was all around. Our contribution asks viewers to trade in their every day shoes (symbolized by Nashville’s iconic cowboy boots) for works boots and pitch in to bring Nashville back to its former glory. The poster functions both as a volunteer drive effort and as a fundraising poster, with versions that were for sale through two different outlets in the spring and summer following the flood.

Contribution: Design, Illustration, Copy


Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Make sure not to miss this spectacular event benefitting Safe Haven Family Shelter.

We are very excited to be working with Allen Clark, Feld Entertainment, and Safe Haven Family Shelter to create the face of this event with invitations, web blasts and letter press posters! Come down and help out a worthy cause all while enjoying inspired photography and great treasures from the Circus’ past, at an exciting one-night-only event next Thursday, January 12.

More information below, along with a gallery including our poster design, and some example of Allen Clark’s amazing circus photography.

Feld Entertainment, Inc., the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live entertainment, has partnered with local photographer Allen Clark to host Museum & Menagerie: A Circus Celebration from Past to Present benefiting Safe Haven Family Shelter on January 12. Clark was granted access behind the scenes of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® circus to create an exhibit featuring animals and performers that capture the fundamental beauty and magic of these classic icons. The photographs will be included in a silent auction to take place at the event. The evening will include hors d’oeuvres, drinks, performers, items on display from the Ringling Bros. museum and live music by the band Bear Cub. (The event will also celebrate the upcoming Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Fully ChargedSM show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena from Jan. 26 to Jan. 29.)

What: Museum & Menagerie – A Circus Celebration from Past to Present benefiting Safe Haven Family Shelter
Where: The Berger Building, 162 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., Nashville, TN 37203
When: Thursday, January 12; 6:30 to 8:30pm
Tickets: $65 in advance (purchase online at www.safehaven.org); $75 at the door


Collide has been very excited to work with the very talented Gary Voelker on a fresh new identity system for his company Experience Studios, a Washington-based production studio that will be sponsoring the film festival at the Gideon Conference this year. Check out the new logo or click here to see it in action in the promo film created by Experience Studios. Then visit the Experience Studios website or Facebook page for more information on how to enter the contest or attend the Gideon Media Arts Conference.

We created materials for The Village Chapel‘s Christmas theme “O Come Let Us Adore Him.” Putting large focus on the gorgeous illustration by Kim Thomas, these materials include bulletins, programs, and on-screen graphics, and are being used throughout the month of December for their regular services, and at the special Christmas service. Below are samples of a few of these items. Merry Christmas!