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Jenn dePaula

Collide Creative Expand Their Impact Beyond Design with Award-winning Film and Video Production Services

(NASHVILLE, TN) January 8, 2013–The power of a strong visual is something Collide
Creative knows a lot about. Serving a wide variety of industries over the years with
superior graphic design, art direction, and brand strategy, owners Kevin Tucker and
Becky Tucker recently announced the addition of video and film production and motion
graphics to their list of services. Collide Creative is best known for uniting a unique and
strategic brand approach to all that they do, and the addition of video and motion
graphics is a perfect fit within their area of expertise.

“At Collide we have always prided ourselves on the ability to connect with audiences by
building on a brand’s personality and expanding its story,” shares Kevin Tucker. “We’ve
kept our side projects separate for years, but they have slowly started to intersect. Now
is a great time to bridge them together and strengthen our client offerings, as a
complete creative studio.”

Video and film production as well as writing are passions that the Collide team share
and one that they hold years of experience and success in. Their work has not only
gained them notoriety but several accolades within the Nashville film community. Kevin
Tucker and Becky Tucker won the 2007 48-Hour Film Project, were named as an
Official Selection of the 2008 Nashville Film Festival and 2012 Film-Com Convention
and were nominated for Best Film Production Design for “Covering Your Tracts” at the
Gideon Film Festival. In addition, they were an Official Selection of the 2012 Film-Com
convention with a TV Pilot that they wrote and produced.

“With video projects, much like design and branding, we start the creative process by
listening,” states Becky Tucker. “Understanding the brand, its audience, goals, and
challenges, are essential to our ability to expand and strengthen the brand’s connection.
Collide is quirky. There’s just no other way to say it! We focus on extreme and lasting
reactions and strive to make that the result of everything we do.”

Their experience with video and film production is an all encompassing one, which fully
complements & enhances the services that they already provide. Their unique skill sets,
experience and enthusiasm for excellence makes them stand out from the crowd. Their
newly launched website shows examples of their work at

Collide Creative is a Nashville-based creative studio that specializes in strategic,
conceptual creative solutions, from logo design, identity, to product packaging to
websites, broadcast, direct mail, motion graphics, video and film production and more.
Past clients & projects include: Pepsi,Warner Bros. Records, Sony Music Nashville, EMI
Christian Music, Austin Peay State University, Word Entertainment, Anthem Pictures,
Dye VanMol & Lawrence (DVL), FiveStone Studios, Saylor’s Brothers Entertainment,
GACtv, The History Channel, Healthspring, Cabedge, Shoney’s, Willie Nelson, Larry the
Cable Guy, Amy Grant, Big & Rich, Sandi Patty, Bill Engvall, and Phil Keaggy, among

For more information on Collide Creative, please contact:
Collide, LLC
P.O. Box 1210 Goodlettsville, TN 37070

Kevin Tucker
Director of Momentum

Becky Tucker
Director of Trajectory

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“Sometimes what you seeking is being on top of eyball”… that is, um… two similar people lost in a strange world find what they were looking for in an unexpected place. For this short film created for the 48 hour film project – a “foreign film” (in English, but with questionably-translated Polish subtitles) Collide wanted this poster to convey a sense of being lost in a strange place, while being upbeat and child-like.

Contribution: Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Identity
Photography: Chris Bass

Collide has been very excited to work with the very talented Gary Voelker on a fresh new identity system for his company Experience Studios, a Washington-based production studio that will be sponsoring the film festival at the Gideon Conference this year. Check out the new logo or click here to see it in action in the promo film created by Experience Studios. Then visit the Experience Studios website or Facebook page for more information on how to enter the contest or attend the Gideon Media Arts Conference.

Recently, Collide took a road trip to Florence, AL.  Why Florence, you ask?

Well, allow me to elaborate…  2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the 1985 hit film “Back to the Future”, and the reunion was held at the George Lindsey Film Festival on the campus of the University of North Alabama which is in Florence.  Kevin, being the #1 fan of this time traveling flick, decided that we must attend .

img_3063 img_30552 img_2970

There was a great lineup of talent for the discussion panel including, Bob Gale (screenwriter/producer), James Tolkan (Principal Strickland) and Claudia Wells (The original Jennifer).  Originally, Leah Thompson was scheduled to be there, but at the last minute had an offer to film a TV pilot.  We’re very happy for her but disheartened that “Lorraine Baines-McFly” would not be attending for our gawking pleasure.

img_30402 img_30202 img_3039

Through a strange paradox of happenstance, we sadly missed several of the additional autograph sessions and other panels but it was indeed, our “density” (I mean… “destiny”) so it seemed, to encounter the entire lot of stars at some point.  We began by having dinner in the same restaurant as the whole bunch who were apparently staying at our hotel.  We took an elevator ride with Claudia Wells, and Kevin ran into Bob Gale (or so he claims :  ), I was in the restroom) at the campus library while visiting the display of movie props the university had acquired for the event.  If this wasn’t enough stargazing, we then took off to visit the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alabama (more on this in next week’s entry). As our friend “destiny” would have it, up pulled another car and out walked Claudia Wells, with Bob Gale and James Tolkan to follow.  We were all in the quite small house at the same time, although with different tour guides.  For the icing on the cake, when we went outside, Mr. Tolkan was there enjoying the lovely day.  We had a very nice conversation with one of the friendliest men I’ve ever met (He didn’t call us “slackers” or anything) and went on our way.  We thought “destiny” was finished with us at this point because who else could we meet, right?  We decided on dinner at a restaurant we had been eyeing all weekend and thought for sure that anywhere we were our cast of friends would follow.  When we entered the restaurant, the hostess seated us, handed us our menus and proceeded to say, I kid you not, “Destiny will be right with you”.  I couldn’t help but chuckle.  God has such a great sense of humor!

img_2987 img_3064 img_3066

Obviously the prior two paragraphs really have nothing to do with design, we just wanted to share our fun weekend with you all.  So to keep this on a “working” level, we have done some interesting research on a great illustrator and probably the most well known poster designer in the history of Hollywood, Drew Struzan.  Drew did the illustrations for all three Back to the Future films as well as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, the list is endless.  And if you don’t know the name, you’ll immediately recognize the phenomenal poster art.  We are attaching a couple of links to some interesting articles (although several years old) and sites from and about Drew.  He talks about the lack of illustration, human elements, and daring in poster design these days, and how something has been lost with all of the shiny images and computer based art.  Agree with him or not, this is a very interesting perspective and nostalgic look at Hollywood design from years gone by.  On the flip side, we have included a link to some great minimalist revamp posters by Jamie Bolton.  If you’re familiar with the films they represent, these posters are a great exercise in conceptual thinking and do an incredible job conveying their message with very few visual elements.

We hope you all enjoyed this brush with Hollywood,

Until next time,

-Becky Tucker
Director of Trajectory