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We have a long history with country hitmakers Big & Rich, and were thrilled to get the chance to work on another project with them. On their new album, Hillbilly Jedi, they step things up a notch or three with a diverse array of songs, including the first track, “Born Again” which features Bon Jovi in a key role, both in co-writing and performing on the song. Word on the street is that Jon Bon Jovi himself suggested calling the album “Hillbilly Jedi,” and when everyone at the label (and us!) suggested that would be a legal problem, Jon personally called George Lucas to get clearance on using the word “Jedi.”

The creative process revolved around the attitude and contradiction in the title, and the result is cowboys-in-space with shades of steampunk. With some heavy-handed photo manipulation, film-credits-inspired type treatments, and a healthy dose of caffeine, we assembled the key images from the shoot combined with images from several other sources (including NASA) and developed the brand for the album, along with the physical packaging and digital album elements, to create what we think is the only country album of its type for some time to come :)

The album is available via Warner Music, iTunes, or Amazon, among other retailers.


For Willie Nelson’s Remember Me, Volume 1, an album of new recordings of country classics, produced by James Stroud for R&J Records, we created a photo-illustration based on a live photo of Willie, along with a vintage-LP-style design to evoke the feeling of it being a classic album.

Contributions: CD/LP Packaging Design, Advertising Design
Pepsi Can - Final Product

Collide worked with Pepsi Co. to create these special artist themed cans for their artist series. Pepsi chose an artist from 3 major genres (along with Big & Rich, All Star Rejects and Pharrell Williams also had can designs as part of the series) and we were honored to have the opportunity to work with them on this.

We sought to appeal to Millennial generation by creating a can whose featured artist would need to be “discovered” in the design. As you can see, the design doesn’t exactly scream Big & Rich – unless you know them. By including key elements such as their silhouettes – note their distinctive profiles and hats, the signature “swirl” element that has appeared on several projects since their first album, along with silhouetted instruments, an icon representing Big Kenny’s hat, and the phrase “Love Everybody” – any fan of Big & Rich would recognize what it represents, and along with other curious Pepsi drinkers, would be drawn to follow up on a special URL included on the can to find out more.

These were available for a short time all over the world.

Contribution: Design





R&J Records wanted this LoCash Cowboys ad, promoting their ballad “Keep In Mind” to feel a little slick, edgy & surreal. By compositing several different locations and giving the guys a transparent feel Collide achieved this scene in a misty imaginary world.

Contribution: Design, Art Direction, Identity
Photography: Allen Clark

Big & Rich are nothing if not dedicated to their fans. Their second “Fan Pak” release, featuring rare tracks and videos, reinforced this dedication. Building on the “Super Galactic” concept, we created a vintage-style outer-space board game theme. You can actually play the game, which folds out on the back of the poster insert (The only catch is, you can’t actually win… but you can have a lot of fun reading the credits that are interspersed in the game, which is its real purpose). Also included are cut-out figures of Big & Rich, and the CD & DVD can each be used as spinners.

Contributions: Design, Illustration, Copywriting (game board)
Art Direction: Katherine Petillo