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Collide is so excited to have been able to work with artist Erica Lane to create her latest project “Believe in America”. Erica was looking to create an epic feel for this album to complement her transcendent vocals and bold instrumental arrangements. Along with Brett Warren Photography, we used wide open fields, natural lighting and picturesque back drops to accomplish this feel.


We chose the Hermitage and its romantic Americana feel as the setting, but bringing the colors back to a heightened sense of reality to create the imagery that this album evokes.  Check out Erica’s new album on iTunes or order the CD on U.S. Wings.
















An informational piece for Vanderbilt Medical Center’s Heart Institute, showcasing their volunteer program aimed at community seniors – inspiring them to “Make a Difference.” Collide worked with them to create the identity for the RedCoats program (named for the distinctive uniform), as well as a postcard focusing on a typical volunteer, elevated to “superhero” status in his role, helping patients as they arrive for care at the center. To accomplish this, we put together a photoshoot utilizing an actual volunteer from the program, at his station at Vanderbilt’s arrival pavilion.

Contribution: Design, Art Direction, Copywriting
Photography: Eric May

R&J Records wanted this LoCash Cowboys ad, promoting their ballad “Keep In Mind” to feel a little slick, edgy & surreal. By compositing several different locations and giving the guys a transparent feel Collide achieved this scene in a misty imaginary world.

Contribution: Design, Art Direction, Identity
Photography: Allen Clark

The “Queen of Mean” returns, even meaner. She furthers her unique brand of insult humor with Dirty Girl, and we put together a concept centered around an ironic take on the title, with imagery focusing on Lisa’s personality, and parodying the delicate girliness of feminine hygiene products. We pulled together a photo shoot in Seattle with Lisa and renowned photographer Karen Moskowitz, where Lisa, upon finding out that it was Kevin’s idea to shoot her in a bubble bath, jokingly called him a “pervert”… we resisted the urge to add this to our client testimonials.

We also had a bit of fun writing some copy and creating illustrations for the “instructions” for using the CD, and in typical Lisa Lampanelli style (she considers herself an “equal opportunity” offender… no one leaves her show without being offended, guaranteed), the Spanish translation of those instructions is horribly offensive… tongue planted firmly in-cheek.

Contributions: Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Copy writing
Photography: Karen Moskowitz

If you know anything about Larry the Cable Guy, you know he’s anything but understated… when he says he’s putting on a “Christmas Spectacular” he’s not kidding around. For the packaging of the DVD release of his TV Christmas special (which aired on Comedy Central), Kevin traveled to Las Vegas with photographer Eric May to put together some festive imagery for this project. With these lovely elves aiding in the cause, you can probably imagine that the grin on Larry’s face is no joke.

Contributions: Art Direction, Design
Photography: Eric May

We like to crack the occasional toilet humor joke around the office (who doesn’t?) but for top-selling comedian Larry the Cable Guy’s CD & DVD release Morning Constitutions, we were able to, well… let it rip. From setting up a photoshoot with Larry, um… pooping in the woods (while reading a fictional compilation of Fart Jokes, which we also designed) next to a bear reading a newspaper, right down to the more subtle touches, such as the toilet paper banner which holds the title, and the vintage-inspired wallpaper inside the packaging, we took this job very seriously.

Contributions: Art Direction, Design, Illustration
Photography: Eric May
Silver Addy Award Winner

This album, seen as a next step in Big & Rich’s career, pushed them forward into more of a pop-country spectrum, tackling some serious subject matter, while maintaining their edgy vibe. Big Kenny and John Rich silhouette the cover with guitars crossed in “swordfight” pose, amid a horizon split between the simple country life, and the big-city party scene… symbolizing the battle between “Raising Hell” and “Amazing Grace.”

Kevin had the pleasure of art directing the 2-day shoot for Warner Bros., with the tremendously talented Frank Ockenfels behind the camera.

Contribution: Art Direction, Design
Photography:Frank Ockenfels 3

Independent Christian artist Tammi Rhoton wanted something to match her musical stylings, organic and feminine while hopeful, with a vintage touch. Collide worked with her along with photographer Allen Clark to achieve these goals.

Contribution: Design, Identity, Art Direction
Photography: Allen Clark

“Sometimes what you seeking is being on top of eyball”… that is, um… two similar people lost in a strange world find what they were looking for in an unexpected place. For this short film created for the 48 hour film project – a “foreign film” (in English, but with questionably-translated Polish subtitles) Collide wanted this poster to convey a sense of being lost in a strange place, while being upbeat and child-like.

Contribution: Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Identity
Photography: Chris Bass

Prevent Child abuse Tennessee runs a Parents Helpline, as an aid to help prevent situations in which abuse might occur, and wanted to have a campaign that appealed to parents to let them know that they’re not alone and there is somewhere to turn. They wanted their audience not to be intimidated (for example, the hotline is discreet and private, and as its prevention, it’s not connected to the Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee branding). By using humor to get the point across, we created a campaign that was successful in meeting these goals.

Contributions: Art Direction, Design
Illustration: Richard Cook; Copy: Wendy Lee Nentwig; Photography: Eric May
Silver Addy Award Winner