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Collide’s Retro Closet: Little Golden Books

When you need inspiration for a project, or a color palette, where do you usually go? The internet, a pantone book, maybe go shopping and look at pop culture? Well, I’ll bet you never thought to pull out your old Little Golden Books. We all had them as children, they were 39 cents at the local Woolworths and from the book about whales to “The Runaway Squash” these books were as many and varied as any grown-up library. We read them and read them and their characters were stamped into our memories forever. But did we ever really appreciate them for what they were, absolutely lovely and unique illustrations, with attention to detail and color that you rarely see in today’s world. Now granted, not all of them were so wonderful, but the one’s that were used artists like Mary Blair and Richard Scarry, some of the most talented artists in history. So the next time you have a creative block, or just want a touch of nostalgia, pull out a Little Golden Book and soak in the retro vibe.

Just in case you’re a fan, there is a newly published treasury (old books, but all in one place) of Little Golden Books illustrated by Mary Blair!