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We developed theme artwork around sermons that were used for on-screen presentations as well as for the church’s mobile apps, where users can access the sermon archives by topic.


A proposed website redesign for The Village Chapel, a rapidly growing non-denominational church in Nashville.


If you don’t know Paige Omartian, you should absolutely make a point of doing so. As an author, singer and motivational speaker, Paige’s beaming personality and passion for life, are such an inspiration to everyone she meets. Paige’s story is an unusual one. When she was much younger she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Instead of taking it as a defeat, Paige used this struggle to grow closer to God and grow a passion for living that she trumpets to the youth of today. Her book, Wake Up! Generation, calls today’s teens to live purposefully and not take things for granted.

Collide has been so excited and blessed to work along with Paige to create her new website! With clean lines, accented by vintage wallpaper textures and a focus on her insightful blog, we have created a responsive, content-focused site that brings to light Paige’s personality, while keeping an emphasis on her message. Take a look, read her story and order her new book!

Have you ever heard of Transmedia? It’s a relatively new word in our book too, but you can connect it to franchises such as “Lost” and “Harry Potter” and it’s becoming more widely used, even if the users don’t know what to call it! Transmedia is the practice of telling stories across multiple platforms and mediums.  For example, Harry Potter is a book series. Within the book series several other books are referenced: “Hogwarts a History”, “Tales of Beadle the Bard” etc… Those books actually exist to buy and read! You can buy Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans to look for the booger flavor, and shop for school supplies at the hugely interactive Pottermore. The possibilities are endless. Well, that’s transmedia. You become a part of that story, interacting with its world and it’s characters.

Now that we’ve laid the foundation, We would like you to meet our friends Sandy and Denny Brownlee of Re-maginations. Re-maginations specializes in building transmedia story worlds. Collide worked together with them to come up with a site, introductory film/motion graphics and brand identity that says not only “New Frontier” but “Dream the Impossible”.  Browse their site, watch their movie and immerse yourself into the world of transmedia.

Collide has been very excited to work with the very talented Gary Voelker on a fresh new identity system for his company Experience Studios, a Washington-based production studio that will be sponsoring the film festival at the Gideon Conference this year. Check out the new logo or click here to see it in action in the promo film created by Experience Studios. Then visit the Experience Studios website or Facebook page for more information on how to enter the contest or attend the Gideon Media Arts Conference.

This Alaskan transplant, Christian comedian oozes charisma while bringing biblical messages into modern day with a twist.  The saying “you can’t make that stuff up” directly applies to every story Torry brings to life.  He takes his adventures in wild Alaska, combines them will his own shortcomings and shows us all how to laugh at ourselves and play to our strengths all while giving glory to God.

Collide (with photography by Allen Clark and Styling by Tammy Rhoton) focused on a woodsy, Alaskan charm when bringing Torry’s new brand to life.

In 2001, a few people in Nashville started a little non-denominational church. Now, with nearly 1000 in attendance each Sunday, eight years later the needs of the organization are rapidly expanding. With a congretation that skews toward young, media-savvy, arts-focused individuals, a new website was launched to meet some of those needs, by providing up-to-date info on church ministries and events, as well as connecting the church community. Collide shaped the visuals from the background textures (which tie in with this year’s visual theme & bulletins) to photo treatments and section icons; and TVC’s brilliant Marcus DePaula handled the development, based around the Joomla platform, in addition to managing the structure and content of the site for the church. Take a look at Some of the features of the site include a robust community section, weekly sermon podcast, and scrolling announcements.