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Jenn dePaula

Collide Creative Expand Their Impact Beyond Design with Award-winning Film and Video Production Services

(NASHVILLE, TN) January 8, 2013–The power of a strong visual is something Collide
Creative knows a lot about. Serving a wide variety of industries over the years with
superior graphic design, art direction, and brand strategy, owners Kevin Tucker and
Becky Tucker recently announced the addition of video and film production and motion
graphics to their list of services. Collide Creative is best known for uniting a unique and
strategic brand approach to all that they do, and the addition of video and motion
graphics is a perfect fit within their area of expertise.

“At Collide we have always prided ourselves on the ability to connect with audiences by
building on a brand’s personality and expanding its story,” shares Kevin Tucker. “We’ve
kept our side projects separate for years, but they have slowly started to intersect. Now
is a great time to bridge them together and strengthen our client offerings, as a
complete creative studio.”

Video and film production as well as writing are passions that the Collide team share
and one that they hold years of experience and success in. Their work has not only
gained them notoriety but several accolades within the Nashville film community. Kevin
Tucker and Becky Tucker won the 2007 48-Hour Film Project, were named as an
Official Selection of the 2008 Nashville Film Festival and 2012 Film-Com Convention
and were nominated for Best Film Production Design for “Covering Your Tracts” at the
Gideon Film Festival. In addition, they were an Official Selection of the 2012 Film-Com
convention with a TV Pilot that they wrote and produced.

“With video projects, much like design and branding, we start the creative process by
listening,” states Becky Tucker. “Understanding the brand, its audience, goals, and
challenges, are essential to our ability to expand and strengthen the brand’s connection.
Collide is quirky. There’s just no other way to say it! We focus on extreme and lasting
reactions and strive to make that the result of everything we do.”

Their experience with video and film production is an all encompassing one, which fully
complements & enhances the services that they already provide. Their unique skill sets,
experience and enthusiasm for excellence makes them stand out from the crowd. Their
newly launched website shows examples of their work at

Collide Creative is a Nashville-based creative studio that specializes in strategic,
conceptual creative solutions, from logo design, identity, to product packaging to
websites, broadcast, direct mail, motion graphics, video and film production and more.
Past clients & projects include: Pepsi,Warner Bros. Records, Sony Music Nashville, EMI
Christian Music, Austin Peay State University, Word Entertainment, Anthem Pictures,
Dye VanMol & Lawrence (DVL), FiveStone Studios, Saylor’s Brothers Entertainment,
GACtv, The History Channel, Healthspring, Cabedge, Shoney’s, Willie Nelson, Larry the
Cable Guy, Amy Grant, Big & Rich, Sandi Patty, Bill Engvall, and Phil Keaggy, among

For more information on Collide Creative, please contact:
Collide, LLC
P.O. Box 1210 Goodlettsville, TN 37070

Kevin Tucker
Director of Momentum

Becky Tucker
Director of Trajectory

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What is Barcamp? Well only the free-est “unconference” this side of well, the moon (or at least that life-sized Elvis statue down on Broadway, you know the one). It’s a technology-based conglomeration of seminars and networking opportunities, featuring together some of the smartest and most creative minds in the city. Even if you aren’t big on learning, it’s kind of fun too. Oh and did I mention swag? : )

Barcamp Nashville logoIf you’ve never been to Barcamp, this is the year to go! Why, you ask? Because we’ll be there and with a seminar title like Dumpster Diving As Creative Strategy,” how can you resist!? Our session was added after the initial registration so if you’ve checked out the sessions already and don’t remember it, it’s because it wasn’t there!  Below is a preview of what you should expect to be “hauled out of the trash”:

Successful creative frequently involves out-of-the-box thinking… but sometimes it’s worth considering what’s IN the box… that big metal one in the alley. Ok, the dumpster here is (mostly) metaphorical… what I’m really talking about is drawing resources and inspiration from cultural relics, shared history, and working within limitations to create impactful, on-brand communications that connect to the audience in meaningful, lasting ways.

With a heavy focus on brand strategy, we will walk through some examples of projects where this approach was successfully applied, and the “dumpster diving” methodology for taking fragments of culture from the past was utilized by reshaping them for impactful, engaging visual communication.

We’ll talk about how to:

• Utilize vintage source material directly in creative projects (and what legal limitations you’ll need to keep in mind)

• Use examples of found relics of classic culture as inspiration, even in unexpected contexts

• Create compelling deliverables by best using available source materials (even if poor quality) in successful ways

• Seek out unexpected sources of inspiration and resources

• Maintain brand messaging, goals, and objectives while engaging the audience emotionally

Examples cited will include identity, print, interactive, video, and motion projects for clients such as Big & Rich, Willie Nelson, Pepsi, Larry the Cable Guy, Austin Peay State University, The Village Chapel, AIGA, Ringling Bros. Circus, Re-Maginations, ThunkTV, Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee, and more. Also, in the process, we’ll see a rare peek inside the process and production, and pull out some examples from our stockpile of obscure books and relics that are waiting to be utilized for future projects.

Online registration ends Tuesday, Oct. 16. (After that, you can sign up for sessions when you arrive, if seats are still available). Find us in the Poker room at 9am!

BarCamp Nashville 2012 will be held at Tequila Cowboy (formerly Cadillac Ranch), 305 Broadway, in downtown Nashville, near the corner with 3rd Avenue South.


And while you’re at it, check out Re-maginations: New World Storytelling-Using Transmedia to Create Your Tribe @ 2:25 in WannaB’s #bcn12story

Collide has been very excited to work with the very talented Gary Voelker on a fresh new identity system for his company Experience Studios, a Washington-based production studio that will be sponsoring the film festival at the Gideon Conference this year. Check out the new logo or click here to see it in action in the promo film created by Experience Studios. Then visit the Experience Studios website or Facebook page for more information on how to enter the contest or attend the Gideon Media Arts Conference.

Well, the 2010 Nashville Film Festival has now wrapped up and Collide was there throughout the week to see some of the best films on the festival circuit. Here are some that we felt were particularly noteworthy.

The Festival opened with “Nowhere Boy”, a full length bio pic about John Lennon’s years before The Beatles.  While I felt the movie was a little long and the score didn’t quite work, the cast gave some of the best performances I have ever seen.  This is not really a film that tells much about The Beatles and it is not an overly cheery tale, but if you’re ok with that, it was definitely worth seeing. This movie is set to release in theaters in October.

“I Can Speak Swedish” is a short film about a woman with social issues and how she overcomes them, at least for a little while.  This was a very humorous story that had me giggling throughout.  At this point I don’t believe you can see it anywhere but festivals, but if you happen across it, make a point to see it.

“Dear Lemon Lima”, a full-length narrative about an awkward girl in Alaska getting in touch with her Eskimo roots.  This story is a little bit “Napolean Dynamite”, a little bit “Northern Exposure” and a little bit “Dead Poet’s Society”, but it is smart and funny and although the graphics are a bit distracting at times, they make for a great feel to the film.

“Feeder” is an innovative short film that amazingly tells a story through the view of a camera inside someone’s mouth.  Warning:  Not for those with a weak stomach!  :  )

“Wisdom Teeth” is another short that makes you question whether or not you should really be laughing.  This one is animated and some of you may recognize the style of Don Hertzfeldt. He has done several films along this line. Disturbing but hilarious, definitely track this one down.

“TiMER” is a full length narrative that proposes the question, “what if we could know, down to the exact second when we would meet our soul mate?”.  Even though this is pretty much a romantic comedy, it is funny and clever and thinks out of the box.  If you live in Nashville, it is showing on Comcast on demand under the Tribeca Film Festival section.  We actually missed it at the Nashville festival and cheated and saw it in the comfort of our own living room!

“Hipsters” is a Russian musical about teenagers in the 50′s…  enough said.  :  )  We missed this one at the festival too, but I have no reservations about recommending it to you all.  It won best narrative in Nashville and everyone I heard talk about it just loved it.

I have attached links to all of the trailers I could find online so you all could check them out for yourselves.  Just a side note, most of these are not kid friendly.   If you want to take the kids, we did see “The Secret of Kells” at the Belcourt.  There are a few scary scenes, but man, if you can choose to see only one of these films, go to this one.  It is animated and each frame is more beautiful than the last!

Until next time,

-Becky Tucker

While Collide was not involved in this video, I thought it’s worth sharing, because it features two good friends: musician Big Kenny, and actor Torry Martin. The video was put together as part of a student competition at Watkins College of Art.