Lisa Lampanelli Dirty Girl CD/DVD

The “Queen of Mean” returns, even meaner. She furthers her unique brand of insult humor with Dirty Girl, and we put together a concept centered around an ironic take on the title, with imagery focusing on Lisa’s personality, and parodying the delicate girliness of feminine hygiene products. We pulled together a photo shoot in Seattle with Lisa and renowned photographer Karen Moskowitz, where Lisa, upon finding out that it was Kevin’s idea to shoot her in a bubble bath, jokingly called him a “pervert”… we resisted the urge to add this to our client testimonials.

We also had a bit of fun writing some copy and creating illustrations for the “instructions” for using the CD, and in typical Lisa Lampanelli style (she considers herself an “equal opportunity” offender… no one leaves her show without being offended, guaranteed), the Spanish translation of those instructions is horribly offensive… tongue planted firmly in-cheek.

Contributions: Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Copy writing
Photography: Karen Moskowitz